IT M&A Services

The IT services industry is large and complex. It includes companies that provide consulting, design, management, and programming for computers and mobile devices, networks, and the Internet. The Austin Dale Group team has many years of experience working in the industry as owners, executives, advisors, and deal makers.

There is substantial merger and acquisition activity in the industry as the use of IT services is growing increasingly important. Many organizations are turning to managed services and cloud-based solutions to help align business operations, reduce costs, and increase agility. IT industry buyers who want to grow and scale are motivated to acquire customers, specialized technologies, and new service offerings. Growth and recurring revenue are among the factors that drive higher valuations in the industry.

When it comes to M&A strategy and execution, you need an experienced team on your side. Austin Dale Group works closely with IT service companies and buyers throughout the industry. Let us put our experience and proven process to work for you, whether you are thinking of buying, selling, planning an exit, or enhancing the value of your company prior to a transaction.

Representative Transactions