IndustryTarget CompanyBuyerDescriptionOur Role
Software and SaaSSoftware company/communications technologyPublic software companyAcquired & integrated security & firewall technology into consumer firewall software solutionAdvised buyer
Software and SaaSHealthcare software companyPE-backed software companyAcquired & integrated companyRepresented seller
Software and SaaSHealthcare software companyPublic software companyAcquired companyRepresented seller
Software and SaaSSoftware company/development toolsPublic software companyAcquired a Turkish software development toolkit company.Advised buyer
Software and SaaSSoftware company/hospitality industryPrivate investorAcquired telecom tracking & billing software that charges hotel guests & hospital patients for phone usageRepresented seller
Software and SaaSSoftware license management technologyPublic software companyAcquired an Israeli software license management company and integrated their technology into a virtualization strategy for a major software company.Advised buyer
Software and SaaSSoftware/web servicesPublic software companyAcquired a 3D visualization company and integrated it into an online mapping service.Advised buyer
Software and SaaSSoftware/web servicesPublic software companyAcquired a UK-based online map service and integrated it into a global online maps service.Advised buyer
Software and SaaSEcommerce/web development companyPrivate buyerAcquired ecommerce web development company.Represented seller
IT ServicesIT managed service provider (MSP)Strategic buyer backed by private equityAcquired to expand regional footprint and gain access to new vertical marketsAdvised seller for several years on growth strategy & value enhancement, then led M&A sell-side process
IT ServicesIT service provider & resellerPrivate equity groupPE firm acquired company as part of their plan to build a nationwide IT solution providerAdvised seller’s team, conducted buyer search
IT ServicesIT managed servicesEast Coast MSPRegional MSP acquired another MSP to accelerate growthRepresented buyer
IT ServicesIT managed servicesSouth Central MSPRegional MSP acquired 4 local MSPs to increase its geographic coverageAdvised and represented buyer
IT ServicesIT managed servicesManagement buyoutMajority partner achieved exit strategy, sold to minority partnersAdvised seller and partners
IT ServicesIT services/project managementInternational IT services firmAcquired company to increase their project management expertiseRepresented seller
IT ServicesPublic IT services/staffing companyLeveraged buy-out with outside investor capitalDivestiture of one division from the public companyRepresented seller
IT ServicesIT services/staffing companiesPublic IT services companyAcquired 5 IT staffing companiesRepresented buyer
IT ServicesIT systems integration companyVenture capital-backed rollupAcquired one division from systems integratorRepresented seller
IT ServicesIT systems integration companyPrivately held software companyAcquired one division from systems integratorRepresented seller
Cloud ServicesCloud consulting company focused on Microsoft stackPublic cloud software companyAcquired & integratedAdvised buyer
Cloud ServicesCloud/SaaS companyCloud hosting companyAcquired & integrated email spam blocking & virus protection into a SaaS email productAdvised buyer
Cloud ServicesCloud data center management technology companyCloud hosting companyAcquired two major cloud services data centers for a large cloud services company.Advised buyer
Cloud ServicesCloud/SaaS companyCloud hosting companyAcquired & integrated application virtualization technology from an Israeli company into a cloud services offeringAdvised buyer
Cloud ServicesCloud/web services companyCloud hosting companyAcquired & integrated Belarus company with server management dashboard technology for remote hosting of serversAdvised buyer
Cloud ServicesDatacenter management technologyCloud hosting companyAcquired a Canadian data center management software company and incorporated the technology into a cloud services offering.Advised buyer
Cloud ServicesMobile phone/web servicesMobile phone companyAcquired a Portugal-based cell phone data backup and support services company.Advised buyer
Cloud ServicesWeb servicesCloud hosting companyAcquired online services conglomerate. Integrated one of the acquired services into buyer's online service offering, carved out the remaining services and divested them.Advised buyer
Cloud ServicesParallel processing technology companyCloud hosting companyAcquired software parallel-processing technology and integrated it into a cloud services offering.Advised buyer
HealthcareRegional Medical CenterMajor Health SystemAffiliation between a secular non-profit medical center and a Catholic health system. Involved a level 2 trauma center.Advised Buyer
HealthcareCancer InstituteRegional Medical CenterA complex deal involving an acquisition, a joint venture, an asset deal, and a professional services agreement.Advised Buyer
HealthcareOBGYN ClinicRegional Medical CenterAcquisition of a small two-doctor practice.Advised Buyer
HealthcareCardiology InstituteRegional Medical CenterA regional cardiology center joined forces with a regional medical center to expand services and better integrate care.Advised Buyer
HealthcareUrology ClinicRegional Medical CenterAcquisition of a small two-doctor practiceAdvised Buyer
HealthcareGastrointestinal ClinicRegional Medical CenterAcquisition of a small two-doctor practiceAdvised Buyer
HealthcareLab Results Printing serviceHealthcare EDI CompanyA public software company acquired a privately held healthcare services business including about 100 employees.Advised Buyer
HealthcareElectronic Medical Records technologyPublic software companyIn an asset deal, a major software company acquired the custom medical records system developed by a major health center.Advised Buyer
Engineering/EnvironmentalEnvironmental service companyJoint ventureCompany acquired by two industry players as a joint ventureValue enhancement, represented seller
Engineering/EnvironmentalEnvironmental service companyPrivately held environmental service companyCompany acquired & integrated into buyer's offeringsAdvised Buyer
OtherConstruction/site development companyPrivate buyerAcquisitionRepresented seller
OtherConstruction/custom millwork companyInvestment partnershipAcquisitionRepresented seller
OtherDistribution/retailLarge wholesaler & private equity firmSold wholesale division to largest wholesaler in the industry; sold retail division to large PE firmRepresented seller
OtherManufacturingLarge manufacturerAcquired family-owned businessRepresented seller
OtherManufacturing/distribution companyInternal buyoutCompany was owned by 2 families for 30+ years. One family bought out the other family.Represented seller
OtherPublishingInvestment partnershipAcquired educational publishing companyRepresented seller
OtherMobile/digital advertisingPublic technology companyAcquired a European mobile advertising network and integrated it into a major digital advertising network.Advised buyer
OtherStaffingStrategic buyer (staffing company)Regional staffing company acquired local staffing companyRepresented seller