Mergers & Acquisitions

“Inorganic growth” is the process of expanding your company through a merger or acquisition.  Larger companies see greater economies of scale and typically realize higher valuation multiples on revenue and earnings.  However, most deals fail to realize their full potential.  Our buy-side M&A experience makes the difference between a successful deal and an expensive mistake.


  • 1+1 can equal 3
    • You need a plan for the deal, and for what happens next.
  • 1+1 can also equal 0
    • There are a lot of pitfalls to avoid. Do you have the experience to do it solo?


  • Develop a strategy“Opportunistic” sounds good, but does it work in practice?
  • Pick the right deal – Will the deal add to or subtract from the momentum of your company?
  • Execute – Do you have the bandwidth and experience to do a deal while working your “day job”?


Why you should consider using a boutique M&A firm to help you buy a technology business