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Financial Advisory

Business valuation, recapitalization, and related services for small to mid-size companies.

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Ownership Transition

Are you thinking about exit strategies and how to transfer ownership of your company?

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Value Enhancement

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Interested in buying or selling a business?

Tech Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Growth, and Value Enhancement

Austin Dale Group is a boutique investment banking firm for technology companies. Our clients include software companies, cloud solution providers, and IT managed services – as well as healthcare and other tech-enabled businesses.

We specialize in M&A and strategic growth advisory services for middle-market technology businesses with revenues up to $75 million. We help our clients prepare for a merger or acquisition, build shareholder value, and sell their business (or divest a division). We also work with companies that wish to acquire other companies as part of their growth strategy.Contact us if you are thinking about selling your company (or part of your company)buying a companydeveloping an exit strategy, or making your business more valuable. We also have monthly and quarterly programs to increase the value of your technology company and help you get ready for a transaction – whether you are a potential buyer or seller.


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  • Sellers generally desire all-cash transactions; however, partial seller financing is often necessary in middle market company transactions.  Furthermore, sellers who demand all-cash deals typically receive a lower purchase price than they would have if the deal were structured differently. Although buyers may be able to......

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  • Tech is so hot this year that even a pandemic that has sent the economy to a screeching halt can’t slow it. Tech stocks have already rebounded from the coronavirus better than other market sectors. Now it looks like we’ll see more deals and IPOs......

  • Whether integrating new product lines or opening into new markets, acquiring a company can be highly rewarding. Tech firms may gain access to new intellectual property, allowing them to jump over their competition with less effort than doing so would otherwise require. Yet M&A is......

  • M&A the Right Way, Part 2: Evaluating M&A Candidates Channel pros in the market to buy or merge need to thoroughly vet candidates for business strategy, financial health, and cultural fit. By Megan Santosus IN THE QUEST to grow your business, acquiring or merging with......