Who our buyers are

If you own a mature technology or healthcare company (in terms of size, management, processes, etc.) then the buyer of your business is likely to be another company, a private equity group, or a group of wealthy investors.  Our M&A specialists present our sell-side clients to sophisticated buyers who may be located in other states or even other countries. Many of these buyers look at tens or hundreds of potential acquisitions each year. In order to attract their attention, a company must be marketed in a thoughtful, professional manner.

Our principals are experienced deal people who know the industry and understand what is involved in getting a transaction closed. They know how to help buyers and sellers through the financial analysis, detailed documentation, negotiations, and due diligence that are part of the purchase or sale of a multi-million dollar business.

Austin Dale Group has built a network with access to thousands of qualified buyers that are interested in acquiring or merging with profitable technology or healthcare companies.  As part of our sales process we prepare a thoroughly researched, customized marketing plan and materials designed to confidentially sell your company.  Then we go to our known buyers and identify other prospective buyers worldwide using input from you, our own research, and multiple databases of strategic buyers, private equity groups, and wealthy individuals.

Corporate / Strategic Buyers

Private Equity Groups

Wealthy Individual Buyers