Microsoft Cloud Communications Solutions

Altigen was looking for an M&A firm to identify potential acquisition targets and assist us in driving that process to a successful conclusion. After reviewing more than a dozen companies, and interviewing about half that number, we selected Austin Dale Group to represent Altigen.

In our case we had a pretty good idea of the types of companies we wanted to pursue, but not exactly. Austin Dale really helped us quantify the specific qualities and expertise of personnel that we wanted in a company, and then went out and identified a number of quality companies which met the criteria we set.

Initially we selected Austin Dale largely due to the backgrounds of Bob, John and Clint – each of whom played important roles throughout the process. As we engaged with them, we really enjoyed and appreciated the guidance they provided in helping us identify the right target companies. Perhaps more importantly the manner in which they approached the target companies and represented Altigen was very well done.

From start to finish, which included Austin Dale providing excellent recommendations during negotiations, the entire process was smooth, efficient, and resulted in our desired outcome.

I would certainly recommend Austin Dale to any technology company looking for acquisitions to grow their business. While we worked with Austin Dale solely on the buy side, given the work they did and the professionalism that they exhibited every step of the way, I’m sure they would do an equally great job on the sell side as well.

Jerry Fleming, Altigen Communications

Medical Resupply Software and Services

I was thinking about selling my company so I approached Austin Dale Group (ADG) after hearing about them from another client. ADG told me about their experience with software company valuations and the M&A sales process. They helped me identify the best approach to get as many potential offers as possible and then helped manage the conversations with prospective buyers.

The result of their process was extremely helpful to me. Naturally, as a potential seller, I wanted to get the best value I could. With the Austin Dale Group, I felt I was presented with more options than I would have had managing the process on my own. Additionally, by following their process, they were able to position my company to get final offers resulting in a deal that made sense for me.

Overall, the process was well-managed, and I liked the regular interaction with the ADG team through weekly calls and touch points. They helped to manage the buyer relationships, deal with questions that came up, and track who was responsible for action items. Selling a company is a big task given the documentation and communication it takes to help the buyer understand the value of the business as well as navigating the diligence process. I felt the Austin Dale team made this process as tolerable as possible.

I would recommend Austin Dale Group to other owners who want to understand if their business is ready for sale, predict what kinds of offers to expect, and need a partner to guide them through the M&A process.

David Baxter, Sleep Solutions & Services (S3)

Healthcare/Educational Software Company

This is the second time I have sold a business. Having some experience from my first sale, I went looking for a firm as an educated consumer. ADG was the clear choice after having interviewed several firms. Now that the deal has been completed, as I know I made the right choice. ADG is an extraordinary team of professionals with the varied expertise required to successfully get to market and get a deal done. They have a staff of experienced entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, financial experts, and negotiators. I am not generally easily impressed, but ADG exceeded my expectations.

Mark Shaw, ProviderSoft

Healthcare Software Company

My advisors at Austin Dale Group were indispensable in managing the sale of my long-held business. This included helping to organize my financial information, identifying and contacting potential buyers, assessing buyers, evaluating offers, negotiating offers, navigating due diligence, and tying up so many details. It was a big comfort having them manage all the information and communications with the buyers. Bob, John and Clint complemented each other well, and were always available, patient, amicable and persistent. I can’t thank them enough.

Jerry Porter, DataWing Software

IT Managed Service Provider

I approached Austin Dale Group because I needed some help figuring out what drives the value of my managed IT services company. They’ve helped me to understand my financial drivers, set priorities, maintain focus, and become a better leader and manager. As a result I am consistently in the top quartile of MSPs and looking for new avenues of growth, including acquisitions.

One thing I like about working with Austin Dale is they care about my long-term success. They’re always willing to go the extra mile to help me balance my goals and make sure that I understand what really drives value in my company. I would recommend Austin Dale Group to others who need a trusted advisor to help them build a better, more valuable company prior to an M&A transaction.

Jon Palecek, Palecek Consulting Group

Engineering Firm

I was thinking about retiring from the engineering firm that I founded. I wanted to take care of my family, my business partners, and all the associates. Austin Dale Group spent time with me and my partners to learn about the business and our goals. They came back with a strategic plan that included a valuation, strengthening our core business, and identifying potential acquirers. Austin Dale Group is extremely knowledgeable about the M&A process, has the highest professional integrity, and they are personable and creative. They were very good in communicating with all parties and were accessible at all hours. We had a successful transaction and I would recommend Austin Dale to others who need M&A advisory services.

Raymond Chan, Chan & Partners Engineering

Environmental Services – Systems Integrator

We wanted to prepare our high-tech instrument development and integration business to sell the business and maximize our proceeds. Austin Dale Group offered numerous suggestions to improve our business and even helped us find specialists to reorganize our accounting and job tracking procedures and software. When we went to market they handled the detailed negotiations of the sale so that it was financially rewarding and we were able to maintain the good relations needed for a successful transition. I really liked their ability to relate to and advise technical people who were essentially self-taught businessmen, and to keep the process of developing and selling the company grounded in reality. I would recommend Austin Dale Group to other technology company owners who need assistance with developing and selling their business.

Dr. Ralph Brewer, Industrial Monitor and Control Corp.

Construction/Custom Millwork

I approached Austin Dale Group because I was ready to retire and a third-party sale was the only viable succession plan for my business. Austin Dale made sure that my company sale opportunity was given maximum exposure to potential buyers and that my interests were well represented. We started the process at the beginning of the financial collapse so the time to sell was longer than either of us had expected. Austin Dale Group stayed with me throughout the process until we completed a successful sale. Two things that stood out were their knowledge of the marketplace and willingness to listen.

Bill Kleinsorge, Buda Woodworks