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Ready to sell or buy a business? Navigate your M&A with experts you can trust

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Financial Advisory

Business valuation, recapitalization, and related services for small to mid-size companies.

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Ownership Transition

Are you thinking about exit strategies and how to transfer ownership of your company?

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Value Enhancement

Are you ready to increase the value of your company?

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Interested in buying or selling a business?

Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Growth, and Value Enhancement

Austin Dale Group is an M&A advisory firm and business broker for lower middle market and emerging growth companies. We have extensive experience with software companies, cloud and IT services, healthcare, and other industries.

Contact us if you are thinking about selling your company, buying a company, developing an exit strategy, or making your business more valuable.


We are the only M&A advisory firm in the country that has monthly and quarterly programs for privately owned technology companies to systematically enhance their value and prepare for an M&A transaction. We have programs that are suitable for business buyers and sellers.


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  • Acquihire is the process of acquiring a company for its talent rather than for its products, services, or earnings stream. Another way of thinking of an acquihire is that it is basically purchasing a team of smart people (often engineers) who have worked together successfully,......

  • A business valuation may be a major factor in the selling price of a business. Business appraisals – which may be prepared by a buyer or seller – are based upon a multitude of criteria and tangible records such as earnings (EBITDA), historical performance, projections,......

  • According to final 2016 data from PitchBook, a leading financial information provider for dealmakers and advisors, M&A deal activity fell each quarter in 2016 and was down about 24% for the entire year compared to 2015.  Our targeted industries of Information Technology and Healthcare continued......

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