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Built upon a solid foundation of proven experience, Austin Dale Group provides financial advisory services in the areas of recapitalizations, divestitures, and carve-outs for technology and tech-enabled companies.

Our recapitalization services are designed for owners wishing to convert some of the equity in their business into cash while at the same time retaining a percentage of ownership. In this way, it is possible for owners to continue to grow their business with equity partners. Austin Dale Group can act as your guide through the recap process. Click here to see the most common reasons that our clients consider recapitalizing their businesses.

Divest or Spin-Off Part of Your Business

Company divestitures and carve-outs require an understanding of strategy, finance, operations, and the dynamics of the market to be successful. And technology companies have unique characteristics that you must consider in a divestiture. Click here if you are thinking about selling part of your technology company.

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