Ownership Transition Services

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There are many ways that a business can transfer ownership. At Austin Dale Group, our Merger and Acquisitions advisors always invest the time necessary to understand your business and your personal situation. In this way, we can provide you with industry-leading results. We provide the following three professional ownership transition services: strategic exit planning, management buyouts and family business transfers.

Strategic Exit Planning
The bottom line is that successful ownership transitions require a great deal of careful planning. Austin Dale Group looks at your current situation as well as your personal, financial and business goals so as to best guide you in deciding whether an acquisition by an outside buyer, a management buyout, or a transfer to a family member works best for you and your specific needs.

Establishing a strategic exit plan allows you to maximize the return on your investment. Our clients turn to us to assist them in identifying the most likely and optimal exit scenario. For example, if the best strategic exit plan is for your company to be made more valuable and attractive to a potential buyer, then that is the direction we’ll recommend. We help our clients understand what makes their business attractive to a prospective buyer, the most likely exit scenario, financial considerations and more. Learn more…

Management Buyouts
Management buyouts can be a very attractive exit strategy for certain owners and management teams. Selling your company to key managers has its benefits, and we can help guide you through the process. For owners looking to sell their business without having to go to outside buyers, a management buyout (MBO) has much to offer.

At Austin Dale Group, we can make sure that your MBO is a smooth transition by providing you with the kind of analysis and structure that ensures it is the right decision for all parties involved. Learn more…

Family Business Transfers
In some situations, you may wish to sell or gift your company to a family member. When the time is right for a family business transfer, Austin Dale Group can help guide you through every step of the process. It is important to note that this process may not be as simple and straightforward as many believe. Family business transfers require careful planning in order to achieve a successful outcome. For example, the business must have the elements in place to remain prosperous after the founder leaves, key employees need to remain in place and more in order for a business to continue to thrive. Learn more…

Let us be your guide to ownership transitions. Our team of mergers and acquisitions consultants is looking forward to helping you navigate the ownership transition process.